OGRY Games is publishing Metro 2033: Breakthrough in Poland

Published: 2017-07-18 17:30:00Viewed: 665 time(s)

We are gladly announcing that Hobby World is partnering with OGRY Games to publish Metro 2033: Breakthrough in Poland.


The year is 2033. The world is in ruins. All the major cities have been wiped away by a nuclear war. Flooded with radiation, the planet surface is largely unfit for life. Handfuls of survivors have found refuge in antinuclear bunkers, the largest of which is the Moscow Metro. The Metro has become humanity’s last haven after Judgment Day.

Metro 2033 is based on the popular Metro 2033 universe created by Russian writer and journalist Dmitry Glukhovsky. After the nuclear strike, thousands of survivors have found refuge in the Moscow underground (a.k.a., the Metro) — the biggest shelter in the world. In the stations and tunnels deep below the surface a new civilization emerges.

Exterminate the mutated vermin in the native language in August 2017.

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