Hobby World at Spiel Essen 2017

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Spiel Essen 2017 is near! There are 4 days of the newest board games, communication with other gamers and developers. Hobby World will be there too.

Hobby World will bring to the fair 2 new games that you can try and buy for the special price:



Lead your people to prosperity in inhospitable world of the Bronze Age, where mankind has to lay the foundation for a bright future.

Bronze is the family strategy game demanding players to carefully plan their actions. Opponents are not idle, and the lands are not sufficient for everyone. Invent the wheel, time animals, create your first clay pot, master the basics of construction, and lay the foundation of statehood. Most importantly, discover new lands that have never seen a human before.

The gaming area in Bronze is divided into seven landscapes: mountains, forests, plains, savannahs, jungles, deserts and coasts. Using technology cards, players found settlements, trying to occupy the maximum territories of a particular landscape. The most brutal fights are around the trading routes which not only brings money in the world of years BC, but also the new from neighbors. The more settlements in a landscape, the richer will trade caravan that will go to your people. All of that brings victory points that will determine the outcome of the race.



  • Build your own technologies matrix. Only you govern the basis of your realm
  • Carefully plan your actions on the colorful gaming board. The lands are not sufficient for everyone, so you have to have the plan for the whole sessions and change the details according to enemy's moves.
  • Plunge in the world of the Bronze Age. Everything in this world happens for the first time.



Barbaria is cheerful and fun. You will become mighty barbarians set out for searching for great dangerous and adventures.

Fight the monsters and warlocks, hunt for treasures, look for assistance and get ancient runes, that will give you victory.

Game rules are extremely simple and easy to learn for 5 minutes. That's why Barbaria is perfect for a party. You have to get the particular number on the specified color dice to win a battle with an enemy. Failed? Don't worry! Use your trophies from the previous battles, that allowed you throw dice again or set the needed number. Have not got any trophies? Negotiate with your friends. Did not work? Well, you are in trouble.. But scars are ornament for every warrior, right?



  • Funny game with extremely simple rules will be accessible for everyone.
  • Perfect balance between luck and strategy. Variety of battle trophies. Use wisely.
  • Original watercolor illustrations will not allow you to feel bored


Above new titles you can try for free our time-tested games:

  • Bastion
  • Master of Orion (available for purchasing)
  • The Golden Sails
  • Spyfall
  • Hollywood (available for purchasing)
  • Think it Up!
  • Cut the Rope


See you soon! Our booth: Hall 1, E 151

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