Kickstarter campaign of Viceroy Expansion was funded in less than a day!

Published: 2018-02-19 00:33:00Viewed: 3306 time(s)


The Expansion of the worldwide hit is coming!

Kickstarted company for Viceroy: Times of Darkness was funded in a day. We are pretty sure that new possibilities for the beloved game will bring a lot of new emotions in your matches. But what's' new is coming?


  • Possibility to build your pyramid of power to the downward, where dungeons will keep your enemies and dark secrets.
  • Attacks of monsters. Defeat your authority form filthy invasions.
  • Changing the market system. 
  • New type - aristocrats. They haven't any effect on the first level of the pyramid but they will give you the additional profit on the next ones. 


You still can join the Kickstarter company.

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