Hobby World at Gen Con 2018

Published: 2018-08-13 17:21:00Viewed: 730 time(s)

Hi everyone!

We have finally made it back home to Moscow, and now we are ready to share some excitement with you!

The 51st Gen Con was wonderful: a lot of great releases, intense schedule, interesting cosplayers, boardgamers all over the city (even on the escalators!)

We were really tempted!

We have met our international partners, and brought 4 suitcases full of new releases — it’s 177 pounds (80 kilos) of great games for the Russian market! That’s a lot of work for our playtesters and editorial team, but it’s all definitely worth it!

We have also shown all new releases of our own, and that was kind of a sneak peek for our partners before the official release at SPIEL’18.

This year we are having a Big Three:

We were also showing Cassiopeia (the game by Nikolay Pegasov we told you about earlier on Facebook), and received some very positive feedback.

The game release is scheduled for the next year, so stay tuned!

We are incredibly happy that Cryptozoic Entertainment has released Spyfall in the DC universe at Gen Con, and we must say it was a great success! 

If you haven’t got a copy yet, you definitely should, because the locations and the modules are awesome!


Did you get the exclusive promo locations for your purchase at the Cryptozoic booth? 

But here is another surprise for the Spyfall fans!

Next year we are going to release the threequel of Spyfall for adventurous time travelers. You’ll be able to visit a Neanderthal Cave, sail a Viking Longship, take part in the French Revolution, — and to identify a spy there! We are going to demo Spyfall: Time Travel at our booth in Essen this year, so come by and check the prerelease version and game modes out.

We have shown the Spyfall games and Sunflower Valley to wonderful Eric Martin, Chief Editor of BGG, and now we can’t wait for the cut videos to show them to you.

We have also met the top reviewers and shared our new games with them, so wait for the hot reviews soon!

The evenings were fully packed as well! We've enjoyed the official Gen Con beer, had a great time at Munchkin Tower and were clever enough to escape a mysterious sunken submarine! 

It was a wonderful convention, and now it's time to get ready for the next ones: the largest Russian board game convention called Igrokon held by Hobby World on September 22nd-23rd, and, of course, for SPIEL'18! We have prepared a lot of exclusive stuff for this year, so follow our news!

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