Imagination: Party

Time: from 30 minutes

Players: 3-9 people


Age: 12 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World

Author(s): Nikolay PegasovOlga Pegasova


  • English (soon)
  • Russian


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Think it up!

1 pcs

Do you think that you can explain in a minute what an old chestnut or a permafrost is? Will you be able to do it while standing on one leg or by using verbs only?

Imagination: Party is a new fun game about guessing words. It is based on a hit Russian game – Imagination. Each turn, a player is selected to describe a word or a short phrase. A special card dictates whether the player have to give an explanation, to act or to do a unique show! If you are active, creative and positive you’ll get a chance to become the brightest star of your party!

Imagnation: Party is a stand-alone game. You don’t need the base Imagination to play the Party version. However, Imagination and Imagination: Party are completely compatible. You can combine tasks of both versions the way that you like!

Package Contents

    • 111 double-sided Task cards
    • 36 Party cards
    • 27 Action cards (9 sets of 3 cards varied in color)
    • Hourglass
    • This Rulebook