Time: from 30 to 45 minutes

Players: 2-5 people


Age: 12 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World

Author(s): Nikolay Pegasov

International publishers:

  • German edition — coming soon

In the XXII century, mankind has colonized the Solar System, and there are habitable colonies on the Moon, Mars and at the largest satellites of gas giants. It's time to conquer the constellation of Cassiopeia. Several expeditions are heading there, and each player leads one of them.

You have the best Specialists at your service: from programmers and cybernetists to smugglers and pirates. With their help, you will be deploying satellites over the planets, building enormous complexes, sending your cruises and barges to flight... Balance your budget, manage the resources, use Specialists’ expertise, and keep an eye on the logistics to be the first player who terraforms all your planets and paves the path to a brighter future of the galaxy!

Package Contents

    • 56 cards
    • 98 cardboard tokens
    • 5 player tokens
    • Game rules