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And you can still join in!

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What games will be available at Hobby World's booth during Spiel Essen 2017? Gladly tell you about it. 

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 Four days of fun, meeting friends, playing and testing thousands of board games in Essen is near.  One of our new game - Bronze - will be there. Firstly the game was named Jazz Band and had an entirely different setting. So how has it happened that musicians became the settlers - read in the interview with Konstantin Domashev, author of Bronze. 

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It was the end of pretty cold July in Moscow. The author of Viceroy have visited Hobby World office, we grabbed a cup of tea and talked. 

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Metro 2033: Breakthrough will be released in Poland in August 2017

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Z-Man Games and Hobby World are joining forces to bring you the international release of Bastion in Q3 of 2017.

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Master of Orion: The Board Game will be published in Q3 2017.


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Spyfall is a critically acclaimed party game by Alexandr Ushan!

If you are still on the fence, be sure to check the opinions of board game reviewers and the awards that Spyfall received.

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Alexandr Ushan, the author of hilarious party/spies/bluffing game Spyfall will be doin an autographs session at our booth in Essen: Hall 1, booth E151.

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Hobby World is ready for the Essen Spiel 2015. Read on to find out about our games at the show.