Five Seals of Magic

Time: from 30 to 45 minutes

Players: 2-5 people


Age: 10 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World

Author(s): Thorsten Reichwein

International publishers:

Explore the dungeon of the Arcana Tower to find powerful spells! Magical seals of four elements block your way to the scrolls. Use the dice of four matching colors to break the seals and clear a path to the scrolls.

You should also keep an eye on your opponents. Use your powers at the right time and at the right place! Manipulate dice and other elements of the game with scrolls, which you’ve collected. This way, you can break stronger seals and open your way to more powerful scrolls.

The player who will be able to collect the most powerful scrolls will win the game.

Package Contents

    5 Binding Scrolls

    24 Colored Dice

    5 Familiar Tokens

    First Player Marker

    5 Guardian Figures

    5 Mage Figures

    120 Magical Seal Tokens

    16 Plastic Stands

    125 Scroll Cards

    6 Two-sided Board Segments

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