Mafia: Family Business

Time: from 30 to 45 minutes

Players: 7-17 people


Age: 14 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World

  • Hobby World – Russian
  • Fantasy Flight Games – English

The city was falling asleep. Every morning the inhabitants were horrified by fresh newspapers reports on victims of the crime war. Every day, the few remaining honest policemen were trying to overcome the resistance of corrupt authorities and uncover the secrets of the families, that influence the city. Every evening, traders and businessmen placed their profit shares in white envelopes, handed them to tribute collectors and hastily closed their offices and shops. And then night came. All who valued their lives, stayed home, knowing well: it is better to stay off the street, when mafia wakes up!

"Mafia" is the world famous game in which city dwellers try to determine and neutralise the criminals, while gangsters shoot simple townsfolk one by one. Engage in the uncompromising struggle for the city and lead your side to victory!

Package Contents

    51 cards