Pirate Lords

Time: from 30 to 45 minutes

Players: 4-8 people


Age: 10 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World


  • English (soon)
  • Russian


Pirate Lords is a game that will take you to the pirates’ quest for gold.

Galleons overloaded with gold the desired catch for the sea wolves. Most influential pirate lords gathers at the port to put together a team of sailors and board traders' fleet. However, seizing the gold is just a half of business, it’s much harder to… share it.

In the Pirate Lords you will be gathering masters of saber, steering wheel and pistol under your flag — and then passionately bargain with other players for the booty. Only in unity pirates can overpower traders' defenses. Will you be greedy or generous while sharing the loot? Your victory in the game depends from timely decision.

Package Contents

    21 pirate cards

    21 regular trophy cards

    6 final trophy cards

    7 ship cards