Time: from 20 to 30 minutes

Players: 3-6 people


Age: 10 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World

What can be easier than drawing a ladder or a Christmas tree? A few lines on a piece of paper will be enough. But what if another person will come and turn your sketch into something completely different? And right in front of your eyes the ladder will be turning into the tracks with a train at full speed, and the Christmas tree will become a toothy monster…

Each round, there is a pair of the Artist and the Rascal: the first has 40 seconds to sketch up to 8 objects, and the second then spoils each picture, so other players can’t guess the initial object. If they do, they and the Artist gain victory points. If they don’t, the Rascal has managed to fool them and gets points for that! 

Package Contents

    ·        84 cards

    ·        1 sheet pad

    ·        2 screens

    ·        20 tokens

    ·        2 pencils

    ·        Game rules