Vampire Mafia

Time: from 30 to 90 minutes

Players: 3-16 people


Age: 14 years and older

Publisher(s): Hobby World


  • Hobby World – Russian edition
  • Broadway Toys – Chinese edition



Please welcome the re-invented classic: Vampire Mafia — the secret identity party game!

Some may say that Vampire Mafia is inspired by the famous Werewolf, but that would be wrong. It is quite the opposite. Mafia appeared in the USSR in 1986 and later emerged in the USA in a much softer form as Werewolf.

Vampire Mafia is the true Russian mafia-like game, based on a few decades of players’ feedback. It includes the most interesting cards and scenario variants, extensive guide for the moderator.

...Did we mention that Vampire Mafia is set in a unique setting, where vampires are good guys but are ready to spill the blood and vampire hunters are the forces of evil? Well, there it goes!


Package Contents

    40 role cards

    • 3 Vampire Overlords (King, Prince, Count)
    • 10 Greater Vampires (Lamia, Undine, Queen, Neophyte, Nosferatu, Banshee, Bride, Dhampir, Revenant, Upyr)
    • 11 vampires
    • 2 werewolves (Lycan, Kitsune)
    • 4 Outstanding Hunters (Monk, Gang Leader, Scout, Beauty)
    • 5 hunters
    • 5 vargs

    5 Moderator cards with character types (Vampire, Greater Vampire, Hunter, Outstanding Hunter, and Werewolf)

    Game Rules

    Special roles leaflet