Viceroy is on Kickstarter!

Published: 2014-12-05 12:00:00Viewed: 756 time(s)

Viceroy Kickstarter is launched by Mayday Games!

Viceroy was a huge hit at Essen. All Viceroy copies were sold out in just a few hours! We were asked a lot about Viceroy availability.

You can finally get your English copy of Viceroy by supporting Mayday Games at Kickstarter!


The game is already funded and lots of stretch goals are unlocked! Hurry up to get your copy, rewards are limited! The campaign will end on December 27th.


Viceroy is a fantasy strategy game for 1-4 players with a unique "pyramid-building" mechanic and beautiful art. Learn more about Viceroy at this link:


Check out these great reviews! We are humbled by all of the amazing feedback receieved.


Rahdo Runs Through

"More people should be able to play this game because it's just awesome!"

A three-part video review:


Review by Tom Vasel:

"This game plays very quickly, it has a lot of strategy to it. Big fan of this one!"

Dice Tower judgement: "Into my collection!"


Review by Scott "Tox" Morris:

"We've really enjoyed our time with Viceroy"


Review by Grumsh:

"Overall I think Viceroy is a great game!"

A three-part video review:

After this review a petition to publish Viceroy in North America was started at BGG: